Twenger Almsee (2.120m) – Obertauern Lantschfeld

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From the Twenger Almsee Lake you can look over the wide Twenger Valley, which rises up to the Radstädter Tauern Pass. The ancient Romans once passed through here, maintaining a refuge – known as a mansion – on the pass heights, at the site where today’s visitors can visit the “Cemetery of the Nameless”.
In the Early Middle Ages the pass leading over the Oberhüttensattel Ridge was particularly important, as it presented less risk than others. The intervening mountain range with its’ numerous lakes and pastures rewards travellers with spectacular views in both directions. Just above the mountain ridge at the crossing to Schönalmsee Lake, you can enjoy a unique panorama with views of three lakes. They have also inspired
story collector, Michael Dengg, who heard from old alpine farmers that the Twenger Almsee and Schönalmsee Lakes are connected underground.

The walk begins at the Schaidberg Hostel in Obertauern and leads in the direction of the Ernst Hut (1,869m). The trail is relatively flat until the „Twenger Alm“, where is leads off to the left just before a barn and follows through alpine pastures and two steeper sections before you reach the beautifully situated Twenger Almsee Lake at 2,120 metres above sea level. You can either walk back to Schaidberg along the same path, or walk down to the Grangler Hut via the Weißpriachtal Valley and the Schönalmsee Lake and Wirpitschsee Lake (over the mountain).

Level of difficulty:
Duration: ca. 2.0 hours from the hostel to Twenger Almsee Lake
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