Stöcklalm (1.755m) - Gontal – Muhr

Alpine Pleasure

Mountain hut experience „Holz kliabn – wood chopping“: That farmer’s got it good, because he has enough wood outside the hut”, is a popular saying in Lungau.

Wood stacked outside the hut, browned from the sun, nicely sized and oven dry is the promise of a good life and the comfort of a crackling fire in the oven. The knack of splitting and quartering wood with an axe can be discovered at the Stöcklalm, as well as the art of stacking it properly. Those interested can try it out for themselves. The hut landlords will also tell you about what else chopped logs are useful for and why they are absolutely indispensable.

Stöcklalm Alpine Pleasure
The wood used for baking bread is carefully selected and counted exactly. The Stöcklalm hut owners take this very seriously, because deliciously juicy homemade bread requires carefully selected and correctly chopped wood. Homemade bread served with various types of cheese is the Stöcklalm speciality.
Opening times: Mid June to mid September

How to get to the Stöcklalm

The hike to Stöcklalm (1,755 m) starts from the car park behind the Gasthof
Bacher am Katschberg. First of all, you walk along a level path to the Pritz Hut and
then on to „Haus Almfried“. The trail leads first uphill, then downhill to the „Doktoralm“ and on to the „Wengeralm“. From here the trail is a little “rocky”. The walk up to the Stöcklalm takes ca. 2.5 hours. Another route to the Stöcklalm is possible from Muhr nature Park Community. The walk from Schellgaden car park takes 2.0 hours. It is also a popular mountain bike route.

Level of difficulty: moderate
Duration: ca. 2.5 hours
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