Rotgüldensee Lake (1,735 m) – Muhr National Park Community

The Golden Treasure in the Lake

As evening commences, the lake becomes a sea of reddish gold, warm rays of sunshine streaming across the glistening waters. Rotgülden is a place that still resonates with the long, eventful history of those mines, miners, and gold prospectors that were once so much a part of this region.
There was once a rich mine owner, or so the tale would have it, who oversaw gold mining in Muhrwinkel. He was a proud, hard on his miners, but his love for his only daughter surpassed all else. Then the daughter fell in love with a poor mine worker. Overcome with jealousy, the father forbade her any future contact. Consumed by grief, the girl became mortally ill and, in a matter of days, was borne out to the cemetery. The father was in utter despair and, from this day on, hated gold as much as death itself. So filled with sorrow was he, that he sank his entire fortune into the dark waters of this lake, which has been known as the Rotgüldensee (red-gold lake) ever since.

Starting at the car park at Arsenhaus (1,341 m, not open to the public), you can walk along the nature trail to the Rotgüldensee Hut and the lower Rotgüldensee Lake (1,735 m). There are some signposted shortcuts (somewhat steep) that you can take through some areas of botanical interest (with e.g. columbine, delphiniums, oregano or wild marjoram, various orchids etc.) A beautiful hiking trail extends from the mountain hut above the lake shore to the rear lakefront, leading past shrub land and rare plants. A special experience for flower lovers. This walk takes ca. 1.5 hours.

Level of difficulty: easy
Duration: takes ca. 1.5 hours to the lower Rotgüldensee Lake
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