Oberhüttensee Lake (1,866m) – Weißpriachtal Valley

A deadly pilgrimage to Filzmooser Kindl

Before the ascent to the Oberhüttensattel and just beyond the last mountain hut, there stands a lonely wayside shrine to commemorate a fatal accident that occurred on October 12, 1817.
For many years this was known as the “Legend of the two Dengg wenches”, until Father Josef Schitter took a closer look at the weathered shrine and managed to decipher some names and a date. He found the following entry in the Death Register at the Parish if Maria: The 19-year-old daughter of the Denggen farm, Maria, and Katharina Moser, 28 years of age, daughter of a tenant farmer in Steindorf, in service as a maid at the Denggen farm, embarked on a pilgrimage to Filzmoos on October 11, 1917.

They used the well-trodden and beautiful mountain pass over the Oberhüttensattel Ridge. Such journeys were regarded not only as spiritual exercises, they served just as much to improve general health, vitality, a greater understanding of the world and, in their case, the opportunity to purchase a backpack full of Styrian apples. However, their journey ended badly. The two young ladies were surprised by heavy fog and snowfall on their way home. The walk alone through the Forstautal Valley had left them exhausted, and their final vestiges of energy deserted them just below the Oberhüttensattel Ridge, where they succumbed to fatigue. When they were found a few days later, it is said that their frozen tears were still visible on their cheeks.

The starting point for this walk is the turn-off for the Znachtal car park in the upper Weißpriachtal Valley, easily accessible either by car or the valley bus service. The walk leads along a gravel trail, past the Grangler Hut (1,320m) until a fork in the trail at the „Uln Hut“. Follow the marked path to the right from here and then uphill. There is a lake (1,866m) and serviced Ober Hut at 1,869 metres above sea level at the Oberhüttensattel Ridge. Follow the same path back for your return journey to the car park.

Level of difficulty: moderate
Duration: ca. 3.0 hours to the Oberhüttensee Lake
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