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Mitterberg Circuit

Profile: ca. 200 metres in elevation, max. 12% incline, ca. 30 km, starting point: Tamsweg.
Cycle leisurely from Tamsweg to St. Andrä and on to Mariapfarr via Lintsching. After Bruckdorf and Seitling you will reach Mauterndorf – where a visit to the castle is thoroughly recommended! After passing the historic Marktplatz and St. Wolfgang you leave Mauterndorf in the direction of Begöriach. After that, you come to the fabled Castle
Moosham – a great place to stop for the fascinating guided tour. The journey eventually leads through Voidersdorf to Unternberg and along the Mur to Tamsweg. You can, of course, modify the route and cycle from St. Michael and avoid the Mitterberg by making only a few small changes.
Mitterberg Circuit
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