Landschitz Lakes (1,778m, 1,937m) – Upper Lessachtal Valley

At around St. Martin’s Day in late autumn, this little rascal leaves his hideout and moves into the deserted mountain huts, where he ekes out a meagre existence on scraps of butter and cheese that have been left behind as a friendly gesture by the alpine farmers.
In late springtime, however, when the first plants and grasses peek their heads through the cold ground, the Kasmandl has to leave the hut and return to the high and lonely mountains. Just before the cattle are driven up to the alpine pastures for summer grazing and the dairymaids and cowherds settle in for the summer, the farmer would generally hike up to his hut alone and check that everything was as it should be. Upon his return home, he would then tell his eagerly
attentive children how he had, once again, driven away the Kasmandl.

The lower of the three Landschitz Lakes (1,778 m) can be reached via trail Nr. 784 leading from the Laßhoferalm (1,270 m) in the rear of Lessachtal Valley. The walk takes around 2 hours. It is also well worth walking on to the middle and upper Landschitzsee Lakes (1,937). The walk from lake to lake takes circa 45 minutes each

Level of difficulty: moderate
Duration: ca. 3.5 hours to the upper Landschitzsee Lake
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