Esser Lake (2,088 m) – Riedingtal Nature Park ZEDERHAUS

The farm butchers and Zederhaus bread

Many years ago, cattle traders from Salburg used to trek across the Tappenkar and Taferlnock to purchase oxen and calves in Zederhaus. The court butcher, Perner, never shied away from making the long trip either, ever striving to supply the table of the Archbishops with the best meat available.
On one such occasion, he had just come to an agreement with a farmer and sealed the deal with a handshake, after which the farmer gave him a snack of bread and butter. The fine gentleman ate the alpine butter, but slid the bread into his pocket, saying: „I will take that back to Salzburg with me. The gentlemen there should see what dreadful bread you have here.“ Bad weather surprised him on his return journey over the Tappenkar and, hungry and exhausted, he rummaged in his pocket and found the Zederhauser bread. Nibbling away, he gradually regained his strength, later claiming that he had never tasted better bread.

Starting from the „Jakoberalm“ car park at the Nature Park Riedingtal Zederhaus – ca. 0.5 km before the Schliereralm, a dirt road branches off to the right to the Jakoberalm at 1,839 metres above sea level (walking time approx 1 hour). Trail Nr. 702 leads in a westerly direction direct to Esser Lake at 2,088 m. You can walk down from there to the Franz-Fischer-Hut (2,020m), which is next to the Zaunersee lake. Walk down the Hüttenweg trail to get back to the Riedingtal Road.

Level of difficulty: moderate
Duration: ca. 4.5 hours for the entire walk
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